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Augustus Paul Andrew

12th New Moon Seen from the Commonwealth of Dominica

Greetings brethren in the fraternal name of our Savior and soon coming King Yahshua.

Well, it is another Bible month that is gone allowing us the opportunity of entering into another. The Bible 11th month Sebat is come and gone and the 12th month Adar is in. This is because that the new moon beginning the Bible 12th month Adar has become visible to us here in the Commonwealth of Dominica which I caught sight of at 6:13pm this Sunday evening 18th February 2007. This was in only about 3 minutes after sunset.

The star called Venus was high up in the sky and exactly straight above where the sun had set. Draw a straight vertical line from the star down to the horizon exactly where the sun decended below the horizon, there the new moon would have been directly on that line if a line where to had been drawn and not only that, but it was as well directly center of the space between the star and the horizon.

A pretty much clear sky with no hindrance from clouds.

The new moon was pretty much still somewhat dim when I saw it and was still not yet all that bright when I left off looking at it as it was not yet sufficiently dark for a clear and bright showing.

In about 4 minutes after catching a first sight of it, I showed it to a private sector firm Security Officer who was near by at the time and he himself then saw it about 6:17pm from by the Queen's/Roseau river mouth, behind the New Roseau Market. He's not of any Sacred Name fellowship to my knowing.

The greater blessing in all of this is that as I was on my way to a public surf cafe to send this report, a call came through to my cell #(767)245-8369 from an unknown #(767)277-8182 at 6:27:27pm and upon answering, there it was a call from Elder J. Felix Thomas of Yahweh's Evangelical Ministry reporting from the Morne Bruce area in the capitol where he and his wife Sister Clemencia had positioned themselves in search of this evening's new moon. He reported to me that they both caught sight of this evening's new moon at 6:20pm. This is indeed a great joy for me to have had this called-in reporting and this time to have as much as two names of brethren to include in this my 12th new moon reporting, the first of its kind for the last new moon of the Bible year. A great blessing indeed! Looking forward to having many more for the next new moon sighting beginning the Bible new year come sunset 18th/19th March 2007, IF Yahweh permits.

New-moon-day-one therefore of this Bible 12th month which has just begun this evening is Monday 19th February 2007.

May this new moon be a splendid one for each and everyone of us and at a perfected governmental level too as we strive for Yahweh's perfected character as is only in doing which we'll attain that blissful entrance into His perfected kingdom.


Augustus Paul
Commonwealth of Dominica
Sunday evening 18th February 2007

Nehemia Gordon <> wrote from Jerusalem, Israel:

To: "Karaite Korner Newsletter" <>
From: "Nehemia Gordon" <>
Date: Sun, 18 Feb 2007 19:57:34 +0200
Subject: [Karaite Korner Newsletter] #288: Moon Not Seen, Heavy Clouds

Karaite Korner Newsletter #288

Moon Not Seen, Heavy Clouds

On Sunday February 18, 2007 observers across Israel searched for the new moon but it was not sighted. Heavy cloud coverage was reported across the Land.

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

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