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Augustus Paul Andrew

A Bible Lunar Leap Year of 13 Months/Moons (March 2008 New Moon and Aviv/Abib Search Report)

New moon and post Sabbath greetings to each and everyone of you my dear reading audiance and thanks for acknowledging my postings including this one although is only a minimal few I'm aware who expresses interest in my postings. Thanks to those who go as far as even re-posting/publishi ng my new moon reportings in one way or another for the benefit of others. Thanks!
I am just from enjoying watching quite of a clear sky over the western horizon. A beautiful splendour indeed. Yahweh's creation is indeed ausome and marvellous to behold.
So clear the sky was this Saturday evening 8th March 2008 at the time that I was looking at it in search of the new moon that I had no difficulty at all in spotting it sooner that it started to become visible at exactly 6:28pm, in 13 minutes after sunset.
The new moon was a bit tilting to the North and at a height above the horizon that immediately brought my mind on Israel with the thought that it certainly became visible there and seen too, providing the weather there was sufficiently fair to so allow but only to learn from the forwarded accompanying report from there (see below) that the weather didn't allow for an Israeli sighting.
The new-moon-first- day of what ended up a Bible 13th month (based on the March 2008 Abib search report from Israel I submitted to you last evening) will be tomorrow Sunday 09th March 2008 beginning from this evening sunset, to sunset.
Being a Bible lunar leap year therefore of 13 months, the Bible new calendar year will instead begin from the sighted new moon next month April 2008 which is only when the barley will be in the Abib (green ears of [MATURING] corn/grain) stage (Exodus 9:31) this year 2008.
A Bible leap year of 13 months/moons occurs some 7 times every 19 years in the case of the Israeli March 2008 Abib search report submitted last evening.
Be sure that the upcoming new moon in April does not pass us by without we fulfilling/obeying Deuteronomy 16:1 in The Holy Bible, to observe (= look/watch for) that month (Chodesh in Hebrew, meaning: moon, new moon).
Happy and an enjoyable new moon day (08/03/08 sunset to 09/03/08 sunset) to all,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316- 1525
Saturday evening 08th March 2008

Jerusalem, Israel
Karaite Korner Newsletter #324

New Moon Report
March 2008
Thirteenth Biblical Month

On Saturday March 8, 2008 observers across Israel looked for the New
Moon but it was not sighted due to heavy cloud coverage. Had there
been no clouds the moon would have been visible and according to
potential visibility March 9 is New Moon Day.

Rosh Chodesh Sameach!
Happy New Moon!

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel
Saturday evening 08th March 2008

March 2008 Aviv (Abib) Search Report
Karaite Korner Newsletter #323

Aviv Not Found, Thirteenth Month to Begin after Shabbat

On Tuesday March 4, Wednesday March 5, and Thursday March 6, 2008 an
international team crisscrossed the Land of Israel searching for Aviv
Barley. We examined barley from the Negev in the south all the way to
the border of Lebanon in the north and from the Jordan Valley in the
east to the Coastal Plain in the west. Most of the barley we found,
including the barley in the Northern Negev, was no further than the
"cotton" stage also referred to as the "flowering" stage. In the
Jordan Valley we found small amounts of barley in the "worm" stage,
also referred to as the "soft dough" stage. We did not find any barley
in the Aviv stage anywhere in Israel and therefore we must wait until
after the Thirteenth Month before beginning the new Biblical Year. The
Thirteenth Month will begin with the expected sighting of the New Moon
from Israel on Saturday night March 8, 2008. The holiday of Chag
HaMatzot will run from April 21 at sunset through April 28 at sunset.
For the dates of the other biblical appointed times please see:
http://www.karaite- holiday_dates. shtml

This year's Aviv Search was truly an international effort with
participants from Israel, the United States, England, and South
. The Karaite searchers were joined by adherents of several
different faiths and persuasions including members of "Yahweh's
Philadelphia Truth Congregation" and "Hoshana Rabbah Messianic
Discipleship Resources".

Ruthanne Koch, a Certified Crop Advisor from Colorado participated
along with her husband Bernie, her brother Erich Draht, and his wife
Gloria. Other participants included Ferenc Illesy, Rivkah Michaeli,
Avi Ben Mordechai, Johan Schutte, Glen Cain, Tracey Cain, Frank King,
Eileen King, Sharon King, Nathan Lawrence, Sandi Lawrence, Linda
Lampkin, and Richard Bay. I want to thank American Karaites Yochanan
Labombarbe and Sean Reuland for making the trip over to Israel to do
the Aviv Search and Devorah Gordon for helping make the Aviv Search a
success. Finally, I want to thank everyone who supported the Aviv
Search both financially and in other ways.

I usually prefer to stick to the cold dry facts in the Aviv Report but
I cannot help but relate an incident that happened to our group during
the Search. As we were winding up our examination of the Northern
Negev we found ourselves on the road to Sederot, the Israeli town
which has come under such cruel bombardment by Palestinian rockets
over the past year. Recently the attacks have increased from a weekly
occurrence to a daily one. We decided we would stop in Sederot to show
our support for the citizens of this embattled town. As we entered the
city, Devorah noticed a sign pointing to the Sapir College where a
young man was killed last week by an Arab rocket while walking to his
car. Moments later we were driving into the very parking lot where the
man was killed when we saw several people running in one direction.
Then we heard a woman announce over a loud speaker in Hebrew "Code
Red, Code Red" which is the warning that the rockets are on their way.
Our caravan of cars quickly stopped and we ran after the locals who
were scurrying into a nearby bomb shelter. After a few minutes, the
rocket attack was over and everyone started to leave the cramped bomb
shelter. The young people continued about their usual activities
around the college as if nothing happened but we were still shaken
from the experience. It is one thing to hear about a rocket attack on
television but an entirely different matter to be in the midst of one.
When we finally left the shelter we walked about 50 feet to a small
crater formed when the rocket killed the young man last week. We were
all shocked to see a bloody glove in the crater dropped there the week
before by one of the paramedics. May Almighty Yehovah protect his
people from their enemies who seek to dispossess us from the land
which he created out of nothing and gave to our ancestors as part of
his eternal covenant!

(By the way, the last newsletter was supposed to be #322, not #321.)

Reporting from Jerusalem, Israel
Nehemia Gordon
Friday 07th March 2008