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Augustus Paul Andrew

April 2008 New Moon of Abib Sighted

Happy new year to everyone here in the West/Americas for last evening Sunday 06th when the new moon of Abib was sighted in this part of the world and everywhere else sighting the new moon of Abib this evening Monday 07th April 2008.
   I searched for the new moon of Abib last evening Sunday 06th April 2008 for an hour and eight (8) minutes from 6:19pm sunset to 7:27pm but was unsuccessful in sighting it as the sky suddenly turned cloudy from about an hour or so before sunset.
   No reports from anyone else here of having been able to sight the new moon last evening. Scattered clouds was indeed the major hindrance last evening.
   There was however that confidence throughout the Sacred Name groupings here that last evening was indeed the appearing of the beginning of the Bible year new moon. We celebrated it in a high spirit last evening following which we had a mini meal fellowship, looking forward to the coming 12th April 2008 first Sabbath of the Bible new year this week with a grander meal fellowshipping. Anyone cares to join us in addition to the returning and first time visitors we had in our midst during last evening's new moon of Abib worship convocation?
   After we all departed to our various homes was only when I was successful in accessing the net via my cellular phone and then saw at, and that received confirmations by these Sacred Name sites on reported sightings of the new moon of Abib here in the West/Americas last evening was indeed numerous between Canada and U.S.A. What a great joy that was and is still to me and in my spirit to had seen and witness. Thank Yah for His increase of knowledge and technology to us mankind.
   I informed brethren here who I could reach last evening of my website findings at the above first mentioned site before going on to the next two mentioned above.
   May Yahweh help us as we near His commanded time for the Passover commemoration of His Son's death and Feast of Unleavened Bread in only two weeks time from this new moon sighting.
   Thanks to everyone (new moon searchers and new moon website owners/webmasters) for participating in this much needed info that you provided.
Hey, a bit of Bible humor: who there in Israel can send us a token of ripe barley corn/grain immediately after the wavesheaf? Hehehehe!
Shalom and Yahweh's New Year Blessings to everyone,
Augustus Paul
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Commonwealth of DOMINICA
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