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Augustus Paul Andrew

Happy New-Moon-Day-One of Yahweh's Bible Calendar Fifth Month To All

New moon greetings to each and everyone of you this once more in the name of our Savior, Redeemer and soon coming King of kings, Yahshua Ha'Mashiach!

It was not to be that I shouldn't have seen the new moon this evening Saturday 02nd August 2008. This is because the sky was overcast at the time of the going down of the sun up until the time that I saw the new moon this evening at 6:51pm ECT/ET (-4 GMT) in 15 minutes after sunset.

The area where the new moon was located was completely cleared free from any cloud barication just shortly after seeing it and remained visible for a number of minutes before eventually decending behind some clouds.

It came as a bit of surprise to me having seen the new moon still south of that star that was a bit distantly south of the sun's setting location as I was looking for it in the space between that star (that is first to become visible in the west after sunset) and where the sun had set. I just only happen to cast my eyes more to the south and there it was awaiting my sighting (by Yahweh's direction?).

It was tilting to the south like a bowl tilted to pour out water, a position which is said here to mean that we'll be experiencing much rain which I'd proven to be a fact perhaps a year or two ago. We've had quite some showers for this week so far. We are in the hurricane season and so the island also was being affected by a tropical wave during this week which ofcourse brings with it quite some showers, lightening and thunder (Job 37).

One notable Bible history that keeps recurring in my mind at the approach and sighting of the fifth new moon is the death of Moses' brother Aaron that occured during this new-moon-day-one of the Bible 5th month.

New-moon-day-one of the Bible 5th month this year 2008 is Sunday 03rd August 2008.

Happy new-moon-day-one of Yahweh's Bible calendar 5th month to all!!!

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525

Tamil Nadu, India
I can't see the new moon because it is full of clouds here.

A. S. Kumar (SteveFox)
Tamil Nadu
Saturday 02nd August 2008 08:50am ECT/ET (-4 GMT)

Jerusalem, Israel
So far none of the observers sighted the moon on Saturday August 2,
2008. We are still awaiting further reports and will send out a final
notice when we have more information.

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel
Saturday 02nd August 2008 2:02pm ECT/ET (-4 GMT)
Trinidad, West Indies
Greetings Brother Paul. Brother James, my wife and myself saw the new moon this evening.
Elder Locksley Joseph
Trinidad, West Indies
Saturday 02nd August 2008 7:27pm ECT/ET (-4 GMT)