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Augustus Paul Andrew

Tuesday 02nd September 2008 Is New-Moon-Day-One of the Bible Lunar 6th Month Elul

New moon greetings to each and everyone of you in our Savior's name YAHSHUA!
Did anyone here in Dominica see the new moon this evening? The reason for this question is because I was not able to begin my new moon search this evening from sunset time of 6:18pm in the face of a totally overcast sky and rainy weather as I was in the hospital attending to my mother where she've been a patient from Tuesday 26/08/08 last week. I left the hospital grounds at 6:33pm, 15 minutes after sunset, and arrived at my usual advantage point at 6:45pm, 27 minutes after sunset, when my new moon search actually began and ended at 7:22pm this evening but sky remained heavily overcast as it has been from late afternoon and therefore could not see the appearing of this evening's new moon marking the beginning of the Bible lunar sixth month Elul. As to whether if it was seen by anyone here in Dominica inspite of weather conditions between sunset (6:18pm) and 6:45pm when I could not have as yet been at my advantage point to look out for it, I just don't know.
Please see, and for sighted new moon confirmations, as well as other new moon sites that you may know of.
Shalom and Yahweh's new day blessings to all,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica, West Indies
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
Tamil Nadu, India
The Sun sets 6:45pm and I searched for the 6th new moon Elul. After 6:52pm, I found that the rain drops come down. After few minutes, its lightning and so cloudy that I can't see the new moon for this month.
A. S. Kumar (Steve Fox)
Tamil Nadu
Monday 01st September 2008 9:32 AM
Jerusalem, Israel
On Monday September 1, 2008 the new moon was sighted from Israel. The moon was sighted from Ashdod by Magdi Shamuel and Eli Shamuel at 19:24.

Rosh Chodesh Sameach!
Happy New Moon!

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel
The last few years in the moon's 19 year cycle, the fall and winter new moons are tracking quite south of the equator.  For this reason, someone in the southern hemisphere might be able to see the new moon cresent a day before we see it here in the continental U.S.  On the 31st of August 2008 in the continental U.S., the new moon at sunset was calculated to be only 3 degrees above the horizon.  By the time the sky became dark enough to see the new moon, it would have been 0.4 degrees from the horizon. Software predicted not seeing it here in the U.S. on the 31st, or seeing it with optical aids only; and no one reported seeing it. South Africa had a possible, but difficult opportunity of seeing it; and no one reported seeing it.  However, in Lima, Peru,  the new moon was calculated to be 11 degrees above the horizon at sunset and easily visible if skies were clear.  Someone would have been able to see it, but I have no new moon reporters in South America.  If someone knows of a person or persons in South America who could send me monthly reports, it would be very helpful.
E-mail to (Shem at xemaps dot com)
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Rich Lobert, Arizona, U. S. A.