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Augustus Paul Andrew

Feast of Trumpets 2008 Observed in Dominica

Post Feast of Trumpets 2008 greetings to each and everyone of you, hoping that all had been well with you, as well as brethren walking as we are, who live outside of our shores.
     The new moon marking the beginning of the Bible 7th month was sighted by a few of us of YAIY here in Dominica (I do not know for the other local Sacred Name groupings) on Tuesday evening 30th September 2008. Bro. Mathias Francis and I had sighted it at 6:12pm followed by Elder Francis and his wife Sis. Maria at about 6:20pm. Upon arriving on the Assembly grounds on Wednesday morning 1st October 2008 in observance of the new-moon-1st-day of the Bible 7th month and Sabbath Feast of Trumpets, I was informed by Sis. Angela Sulton that she and her granddaughter also had sighted it that same evening which was minutes after the above stated four confirmed sightings. Sis. Editha Wayland was one more confirmation to me on Trumpets morning at the Assembly grounds that she had as well sighted it during the same Tuesday evening 30th September 2008 from her home in Fond Cole, Roseau but couldn't have call in her sighting to me in the evening as she do not have/know my contact number.
     I counted approximately 47 of us including children were gathered in sabbath/rest, praise and worship to our loving heavenly father and creator Yahweh in observance of His Bible new moon annual Sabbath day Feast of Trumpets 2008, to repeat, on Wednesday morning 1st October 2008.
     Service started at 11:15am on a high note with four songs followed by the congregational reading of Psalm 81 (with the sounding of a trumpet blowing three times by Elder Jno. Baptiste when we arrived at the third verse) followed by a word of prayer by Bro. Paul.
     Following the Psalm reading and prayer was the message of the day by Elder Thomas in which he embraced the opportunity to rehearse to us the Leviticus 23 listed observances from the center page chart section of the Biblical Holy Days booklet.
     We enjoyed the special offerings in songs that were individually offered to Yahweh following that good and inspiring message.
     Then came to an end the Feast of Trumpets morning service with a closing prayer, song and benediction sometime after 2:00pm followed by our usual high day special way of lunch fellowship which is a bit different from how we do it on the regular weekly Sabbath. The day ended with us certainly in a holy convocation for the afternoon/closing part of the Sabbath during which time we also did some necessary observations in preparation for the fast approaching Feast of Tabernacles 15th-21st (Last Great Day, 22nd) October 2008 which we'll be observing in Trinidad.
     But before we leave for Trinidad on Sunday 12th/10/08, in between the Feast of Trumpets and the Feast of Tabernacles is the solemn Sabbath Day of Atonement fast on Friday 10th October 2008 which we must observe as flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of Yahweh. We must show and demonstrate our willingness to be in his kingdom by not engaging in any form of eating and drinking during this annual Sabbath day fast beginning from Thursday sunset 9th to Friday sunset 10th October 2008.
     Are we prepared and willing to have put on that spirit body into his kingdom of eternal life? We would not be demonstrating to our fellow brethren and the world that our greater interest is to obey Yahweh and looking forward to inheriting eternal life as the end result if we refuse the annual Sabbath day of Atonement and the entirety of the Bible commanded annual observances from being a part of our daily living today (reader, please peruse/study through our Biblical Holy Days booklet, Fundamentals of Faith doctrinal guide and other Bible study help materials available at for further details).
     One troublesome bit of news though and that will not joy the heart of quite many, is that, it is quite clear to me now as we approach the Sabbath Day of Atonement that seeing myself in the company of the brethren on that Sunday 12th October 2008 flight to Trinidad is a no no for me this time around as my mother is blatantly refusing to be placed at any home care facility (I had already contacted one where the person-in-charge had already agree to take on the mantle of having her in and looking after her) for the two weeks that I was looking forward to being in Trinidad with the brethren for this year's Feast of Tabernacles. She sees her health as not being one that would allow her to be in no one's else care than mines. This her decision somehow falls right on par with what I'd been observing all along as this moon kept closing in upon us and health malfunctions kept befalling her one after another even up until early this morning 03rd/10/08 sometime past 2:00am. I can't do otherwise than to be fully contented in whatever position that Yahweh has so allowed me to be in, even apparently in not being able of leaving the state in observance of  the feast this time around.
     It is just rather amazing how quickly time flies and my mother's health has deteriorated compare to back in 2005 thus even hindering me from travelling to Trinidad for the feast this time around. This is kind of alarming to me somewhat. Isn't it to you? You might as well find it strange that I have a full sister on island and I'm in this position even to be the only one home with my mother looking after her.
     FOT 2005 was indeed a grand time for all those of us who were successful in going to Trinidad that year to observe it. It still remains a time of great memorial as was shown in that feast reporting that I'd presented as Secretary then of the Tabernacles Commitee. Do you remember that reporting? I do keep remembering it and relive that grand time by reading through it now and again. What an excellent and great time that was.
     May our Dominica brethren who will have successfully been financially able to take that flight and be in Trinidad for this year's feast make it even a grander time than in 2005.
A solemn and successful Sabbath Day of Atonement fast and joyous Feast of Tabernacles to each and all.
Yahweh bless each and all in Yahshua,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
P. S. Sorry that there was no taking of photographs at this year's Pentecost Sabbath Feast of Weeks back in June and again this just past Feast of Trumpets Sabbath service all due to perhaps camera failures. Looking forward to all cameras being in good working condition as possible and some photographs, as well as quite of a major Feast of Tabernacles 2008 reporting, be forthcoming from the feast in Trinidad for this year as I did back in 2005, gloriously!