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Augustus Paul Andrew

Bible New Year Begins in March 2009

Greetings each and all!
We are sure on the right timing for the beginning the Bible new year being there's barley abib in the fields of Israel at this time of the new moon becoming visible this Friday (Sabbath) evening 27th march 2009.
   I saw this evening's new moon of Abib at 6:34pm while it was still a bit difficult to be seen due to some thin clouds and it wasn't as yet dark enough that I could have spotted it at the time that I did through the help of Bro. Mathias Francis who was with me at the time. He was able to have spotted it before me and pointed it out to me. So it is both he and I who spotted it at 6:34pm this Sabbath evening.
   Just after we were able of spotting it, Sis. Clemencia Thomas called me from Morne Bruce, Roseau where she, her husband Elder J. Felix Thomas and a friend of theirs with them at the time where looking for the moon informing me that they have spotted the new moon.
   A new year on the Bible calendar therefore begins from this evening sunset with the availability of barley abib in Israel as I write and this evening's visible new moon of Abib (Deuteronomy 16:1).
   A happy first new moon day (from this evening sunset until this Saturday-Sabbath-day sunset 28th March 2009 this week) of the Bible new year to all as we now look forward to the Bible commanded annual observances for this first moon of the year.
   I now have to sign off and get going to be in attendance at this evening's sacred name worship service not only in the welcoming of Yahweh's Sabbath day but as well in celebration of not only another new moon but even the new moon beginning a new year on the Bible calendar (Numbers 28:11-15).
   Please ensure, before signing off, that you peruse the mini-study article entitled, No Excuse, Except..., (also available in the form of a brochure upon request) at the end of this mailing.
Pre-Passover Assembly Prayer and Fast?
What about proclaiming an Assembly prayer and fast on Sunday 5th April preceeding our observance of Yahweh's Passover (John 11:55)?
   It is something that we here in Dominica have done on a few occasions not so many years ago and can be done again this year which I recommend for all Assemblies.
All are welcome to join with us in our worship to Yahweh during this Sabbath and new moon of Abib first day of the Bible new year (Sabbath 28th March 2009) and on into our celebration of Yahweh's Passover (Thursday evening/sunset 9th April) and Feast of Unleavened Bread (Friday sunset 10th to Friday sunset 17th April 2009).
Please Take Note:
   Remember that there must not be any leaven in our houses and that the bread/cakes/biscuits that we eat MUST be UNleavened as we have been commanded in Scripture.
Shalom and Yahweh bless,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
Abib (Aviv) Found!

On Thursday March 26, 2009 we found Aviv Barley in two fields in the Jordan Valley, several kilometers south of Beth Shean. Samplings from these plots of barley were between 70% and 90% Aviv or beyond. Much of the barley we found had ripened past the stage of Aviv. Based on this there will definitely be sufficient quantities of barley that will be harvest-ready in two weeks time. Therefore, the upcoming new moon this Friday night will begin the Month of the Aviv and the new biblical year.

Chag HaMatzot (the Feast of Unleavened Bread) will begin on April 10 at sunset and continue until April 17 at sunset.

Photographs of this year's Aviv taken by CB Newman are posted at:
http://www.karaite- aviv/2009/

The following people participated in today's Aviv Search:
Nehemia Gordon, Ruthanne Koch, Devorah Gordon, Dina Marcus, Daniel Pitrone, Baruch ben Hosea, Adam Kinghorn, Bruce Brill, Larry Moldaur, Valerie Knowles, Miri Burgin, C. B. Newman, and Randy Boer.

We will examine the barley in the northern Negev tomorrow. However, our findings so far are adequate to determine that the upcoming new moon will begin the new biblical year.

Nehemia Gordon
and Ruthanne Koch
26th March 2009
More Abib (Aviv) Found

On Friday March 27, 2009 we found more Aviv, this time in the northern Negev on road 242 south of Gama junction. This confirms our findings yesterday that the upcoming month is the Month of the Aviv.

Shanah Tovah!
Happy New Year!

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel
27th March 2009