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Augustus Paul Andrew

Sixth New Moon Sighted From Dominica

Sixth new moon greetings to each and everyone of you.
I had last evening Thursday 20th August made a new moon search for one hour and five minutes beginning from 18:25-sunset until 19:30 but did not at all catch a glimpse of it not until this Sabbath evening Friday 21st August when I caught sight of it at 18:29 after a four minutes search which began from 18:25-sunset.
   Thanks be to Yahweh that I ably made it to the hospital immediately after work to see my sister Claudia Paul where she was admitted on the Dawbiney Ward on Tuesday 18th of this week to have had surgery performed on her the following day on Wednesday 19th and that I could be back in time to position myself in wait for sunset to begin my search for this sixth new moon this evening.
   My sister is recovering pretty fine that she could today, as she've told me, have do some walking for the first time since the surgery and was in pretty much of a high spirit at the time of my visit this afternoon unlike last evening. She's no longer even experiencing giddiness only upon the opening of her eyes either.
   The sighting of the sixth new moon this Friday (Sabbath) evening 21st August only serves to tell us that we are only four weeks away from the next new moon that will mark the beginning of the Bible seventh month during which Yahweh has set most of his annual Sabbaths/observances to occur and when this Sabbatical year in which we are now will come to an end with the annual Sabbath Day of Atonement.
A happy Sabbath and sixth new moon day to each and all,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369