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Augustus Paul Andrew

7th New Moon Sighted from Dominica

Saturday evening 19/09/09 Reporting:
Please take note everyone that the new moon was NOT sighted from Dominica after searching for it from 18:04 to 19:01 this evening Saturday 19th Sept. 2009. Together with me were two other brethren and not too far from me was a member of another local sacred name assembly along with her daughter.

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
Saturday evening 19/09/09
Sunday evening 20/09/09 Reporting:
Greetings to each and everyone of you in our Savior Yahshua.

The only thing that I'd forgotten to mention in my last evening's (19/09/09) reporting that appears at the bottom of this mailing is that the sky was quite clear throughout my last evening's search.

This evening Sunday 20/09/09, the sky is even clearer in a wider scope. So I was able of catching sight of the new moon today Sunday 20/09/09 at 17:58 in four minutes before I saw the sun set at 18:02 and kept looking at it until it was 18:05, 3 minutes after sunset.

Sis. Clemencia Thomas called me from the Morne Bruce area at 18:07 informing me that she and her husband Elder J. Felix Thomas have sighted it. Immediately upon arrival to look for it as I was about leaving from looking for and sighting it, Sis. Rhoda Francis, her sister Connie Francis-Ophar and her two little nephews (Sis. Connie Francis-Ophar's children) catches sight of it at 18:10. Deacon Russell Bertrand called me at 18:15 informing me that he've sighted it. Bro. Mathias Francis called me at 18:25 informing me that he've sighted it.

This evening's (Sunday 20/09/09) new moon sighting here in the North American Region including the Caribbean where I live makes Monday 21/09/09 a holy Sabbath day of rest and worship to our Creator Yahweh whether we are willing to be obedient to Him or not to hallow His annual Sabbath day of blowing of trumpets on the first day of His lunar 7th month Ethanim.

Happy new moon day Sabbath Feast of Trumpets to each and all which runs from this evening Sunday sunset 20/09/09 until Monday sunset 21/09/09 during which 24-hour time period that we are not to do any work the Bible commands but to ensure that we report for congregational Sabbath worship service.

I must leave now to report for Sabbath evening worship service this evening and to report again in the morning (Monday 21/09/09) for Sabbath morning worship service from 10:30am.

No one will be seeing me reporting for work at all during the course of the 24-hour period of this New Moon Day Sabbath Feast of Trumpets from this Sunday sunset 20/09/09 to Monday sunset 21/09/09. This is the determination of all who are determined in the righteousness of our Creator Yahweh. Are you one of those with such a determination? If yes, obey Yahweh and keep His Sabbaths and feast days in praise and worship to Him!

A joyous new moon day Sabbath Feast of Trumpets and 7th month Ethanim to each all,

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
Sunday evening 20/09/09