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Augustus Paul Andrew

Bible 8th Month Begins With 20/10/09

New moon greetings to you for the eighth time around being this new moon on which I'm reporting, marks the beginning of the Bible lunar 8th Month Bul from this evening Monday 19/10/09 when I've sighted it this evening Monday 19/10/09 at 17:50 in 7 minutes after the sun set at 17:43. I left off looking at it at 18:00. The sky was just as clear and extremely cloudless as it was 29 days ago on Sunday 20/09/09 for the sighting of the new moon of the Bible lunar 7th month. The only difference with my search results for this evening's (Monday 19/10/09) 8th new moon sighting is that I was not able of sighting it just before the sun set as I was 29 days ago of being able of sighting the 7th new moon 4 minutes before sunset. What I forgot to had include in my Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new moon reporting 29 days ago was that I kept looking at it until 18:05, 3 minutes after sunset. I made that correction in the reporting I posted at which you might have noticed if you had migrated to there.
   The new moon this evening (Monday 19/10/09) was to the south of the location of where the sun set and tilting southward as much as needed to get what ever liquid poured out from a bowl but a little less tilting than the Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new moon of the Bible lunar 7th month Ethanim 29 days ago on Sunday evening 20/09/09.
   This evening's (Monday 19th October 2009) sighted new moon makes the Bible lunar 8th month Bul to begin with this week Tuesday 20th October 2009 being a Bible 24-hour day's span is from sunset to sunset.
   This evening's sighting of the new moon of the Bible 8th month puts our next new moon search (in the North American region which includes the Eastern Caribbean where I live) to begin from Tuesday sunset 17th November 2009, in 29 days time even if this moon might end up being a 30-day moon.
   In the Bible, it is a festive/joyous time in a congregational praise and worship to our Creator at the beginning of each month after that the sighting of the new moon with the naked human eye (without using any binoculars) has been confirmed by two or more credible eye witnesses. Are you such an one on good standing in a Sacred Name fellowship (a house of worship that acknowledges that our Creator's one and only personal proper name is Yahweh and His Son our Savior's is Yahshua including celebrating the Bible new moons, Sabbaths and Feasts?
A festive, joyous new moon day (Monday sunset 19/10/09 to Tuesday sunset 20/10/09) to you,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525