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Augustus Paul Andrew

Ninth New Moon Sighted This Evening 18/11/09

Tuesday evening 17/11/09 reporting:
It was a sighting of the new moon that was taking place in Exodus 12:2 by Yahweh using the word "this." Yahweh, Moses and Aaron was literally looking at the new moon of Abib. That's why Yahweh could say to them THIS new moon. Note the word THIS as you read that passage of scripture. It is because all the three of them were at that time literally looking at it with naked eyes why Yahweh's use of the word "THIS." That's why Moses could almost 40 years later remind Israel in Deuteronomy 16:1 to observe (look, watch for) the month (moon, new moon) of Abib. This is what they were being taught back in Exodus 12:2, almost 40 years earlier. Shouldn't we not but follow what Yahweh had commanded Moses and his brother Aaron which is applicable to even us Gentiles too?
   I am just from looking for the new moon this evening Tuesday 17th November 2009 from 17:40 to 18:42 but there was no clear sky from where the sun set at 17:33 to quite of a distance southward for well over three quarters of an hour. The area of sky where the new moon should have become visible eventually cleared up right across to an extent from about 18:26 in spite of which, there was no sighting of the new moon of the silver crescent. Beneath and above the area that cleared up however remained overcast. If it was there, I wonder if it had time descend low down to the horizon behind the clouds by the time where it would have been visible cleared up. You might wish to pay a visit to http://www.Crescent MoonWatch. org/nextnewmoon. htm for the current forecast as to from where the new moon could be seen with the naked eye beginning from this evening Tuesday 17th November 2009. Sighting it from my Eastern Caribbean part of the world in the North American region could be a possibility only if "atmospheric conditions are perfect," according to the above mentioned Crescent Moon Watch site. But the atmospheric conditions here are indeed not perfect. There was even more than one instances of lightening directly over the western horizon exactly above where the sun set and the falling of a light shower of rain at the time of my new moon search this evening.
   You might wish to enlighten me as to whether if you've seen the new moon from your locality. I'll sure in turn post your new moon reporting (whether or not that you've seen it) to my international audience via http://AugustusPaul -ivil.tripod. com.
   This expected to be sighted new moon, perhaps from this evening here in the North American region, marks the beginning of the Bible 9th month Chisleu.

Shalom, Yahweh bless and a successful new moon search to all,

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
Tuesday evening 17th November 2009
Wednesday evening 18/11/09 Reporting:
It was just as it was for the Feast of Trumpets new moon two moons ago to had time see the new moon today Wednesday 18/11/09 before the sun had set. Six minutes before the sun had set when I first caught sight of this evening's new moon was at 17:26 and the sun setting six minutes after was at 17:32. I continued looking at the new moon until 17:37, five minutes after sunset before leaving my post to bring you this reporting.
   Unlike last evening (reporting appears below), atmospheric conditions this evening was quite favorable thus allowing for a clear enough sky to had been able of sighting a high-up-in-the-sky very thin new moon of the Bible ninth month Chisleu tilting to the south but a bit less tilting than the last new moon. It's location was on the south side of where the sun set.
   This evening's (Wednesday 18/11/09) sighting therefore makes this week Thursday 19/11/09 the new-moon-first-day of the Bible ninth month Chisleu and the search for the next new moon to begin with Thursday sunset 17th December 2009 next month (Gregorian-Roman calendar timing) when the 29th day of this moon will be to a close.
May each and all of us do experience the greatness of Yahweh's new moon day blessings in Yahshua.
Shalom and Yahweh bless,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525