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Augustus Paul Andrew

Barley Abib IS Confirmed From Israel Today Friday 12th March 2010!

Aviv Found in Jordan Valley!

This morning (March 12, 2010) we found Aviv barley in the Jordan Valley in two
fields just north of the Israeli army checkpoint. We took three samplings from
these fields and they were 90-100% Aviv. I posted two videos of these fields on
Youtube, taken with my new Flip MinoHD video camera:

We also found Aviv barley further south in the Jordan Valley and smaller
quantities near Ein Mabua.

Thanks to Devorah Gordon and Shoshanah Waterman for participating in this
preliminary Aviv excursion. The main Aviv Search will still go ahead on March
but what we found so far is already enough to call it for this year. This
means the new biblical year will begin on March 17, 2010 at sunset.

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel
For us here in the North America region including the Caribbean Community (CARICOM), the upcoming no longer expected-to-be but confirmed new moon of Abib will become visible this coming Tuesday sunset/evening 16th March 2010, a day/evening earlier than Israel which is a slim chance of it becoming visible there in the Middle East the same evening (Tuesday sunset/evening 16th March 2010) with us here in the North America region including the Caribbean where I live (please see for reasons why).
Do you how greatly excited I am for this Abib confirmation and most of all, the preliminary timing in which this excursion search was done? It is only those who are concerned about and take part and pleasure in things above (Colossians 3) who will have such great excitement and pleasure in such as these. Those who do not, are invited to join with us in the same joy, happiness and excitement into inheriting everlasting life in the soon to be established kingdom of heaven upon this earth for eternity.
Shabbat shalom to all in Yahshua and Yahweh bless,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica

More Maturing Barley Green Ears of Corn/Grain Found on Tuesday 16th March 2010:
Earlier today we found more Aviv barley, this time in the Northern Negev at three locations in the vicinities of Tel Gama, Nachal Oz, and Kibbutz Erez. Samples of the barley were 80-100% Aviv at the various locations. I have posted two videos taken of the field near Kibbutz Erez on Youtube: com/watch? v=M-tYfbTBHvs com/watch? v=JIAkgJJDMZU

I have also posted photos of Aviv at the three locations on the Karaite Korner website at:
http://www.karaite- kknmr.shtml

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

Still More Maturing Barley Green Ears of Corn/Grain Found in the Jordan Valley on Wednesday 17th March 2010:
In addition to the Aviv barley previously reported on Friday, we found a planted field of domesticated 6-row Aviv barley in the Jordan Valley just south of Nakhal Milkha. The field also contained small quantities of 2-row domesticated Aviv barley intermixed with the 6-row. The other Aviv barley found earlier in the Jordan Valley and northern Negev was spontaneous 2-row barley.

Photographs of the Aviv barley found at Nakhal Milkha are also posted at:
http://www.karaite- kknmr.shtml

My thanks to the following people for participating in the main Aviv Search: Terry Telligman, Shoshanah Waterman, Miri Burgin, Willie Ondricek, Paul Beattie, Katharina Beattie, Amanda Boyd, Ruth Burcham, Carolyn Ardeeser, Dina Marcus, Dan Rose, Paul Matthew Leisy, Yaron Laluz, and Asi Eliyahu. Special thanks to Shoshanah Waterman for the photos of the barley and the new moon.

Shanah Tovah U-Mevorechet!
Good and Blessed New Year!

Nehemia Gordon
Jerusalem, Israel

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