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Augustus Paul Andrew

Bible 7th Month and Feast of Trumpets 2010 New Moon Sighted

I begin by wishing a happy and joyous New Moon Day Sabbath Feast of Trumpets full of festivity to each and everyone.

I can now confirm my sense of joy that Friday daylight is indeed the new-moon-first-day of the Bible 7th month Ethanim which our Creator has declared in His word of truth to be a Sabbath day of rest and worship in observance of what He tells us is the day of blowing of trumpets or Feast of Trumpets at the visible appearing of each 7th new moon at this time of the year.

Sighting it together with me this evening at 18:53 (41 minutes after the sun had set at 18:12) was Bro. Mathias Francis in between quite of a narrow space through the clouds which might have well slipped one's notice but not mines.

Because of the narrowness of the horizontal line of space in the clouds through which we saw it, Bro. Mathias told me when I sighted it that he had been looking at the thing there but was uncertain as to what he was seeing and told me nothing until I caught sight of it and pointed it out that it is the new moon we are seeing and so, we kept on looking at it as it quickly descended from the extremely narrow horizontal line of space through which it became visible to us.

I got to run off quickly right now to first reach home to give my mother (has not been well from last evening) her dinner before seeing myself arriving at this New Moon Evening Sabbath Feast of Trumpets worship service, if Yahweh permits.

My 23 year old son William Paul along with his lady friend at my invitation will hopefully be joining in with us for this evening's service.

Shalom and Yahweh's Feast of Trumpets blessings be to all,

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
South Africa:
Greetings from South Africa!
Dear Brethren in Yahshua Messiah,
Just a short report to say the Seventh New Moon was sighted this evening 18:15 to 18:42 from various places in South Africa such as Benoni, Vereeniging, Centurion, Pretoria, Phalaborwa, & Johannesburg.
     In most places it was a clear sighting just a bit of cloud cover which broke away enough for a view of the new moon in the Johannesburg, Pretoria area.
May you all have a blessed Feast of Trumpets.
Yahweh's blessings,
Lionel & Sandra
Thursday 09th September 2010