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Augustus Paul Andrew

Tenth New Moon Seen from DOMINICA

Greetings to you from the island of the Commonwealth of DOMINICA.

It is always great to be in communication with you on a night such as this evening once again. A special evening indeed is this Monday evening 6th December 2010 as it signals the ushering-in of a Bible new month. This evening indeed signals the ushering-in of the Bible tenth month Tebeth. This I can confirm to you on having sighted the new moon this Monday evening 6th December 2010 from 18:18 (44 minutes after subset) until it descended behind the horizon clouds close down to the horizon at 18:28. The sky was almost totally overcast for the afternoon until this evening but Yahweh in His wisdom left a spot just above the horizon unclouded, allowing the new moon to become visible at the time it did as it descended from behind the clouds that hindered me from having sighting it much earlier. It was laying almost way down on its back and was not too far south from where the sun set.

It Is One Year This New Moon
I'd remembered during the last new moon day of the Bible ninth month Chisleu 29 days ago was the exact same Bible calendar date on which the Dominica House of Parliament was dissolved last year 2009 to had pave the way for Parliamentary elections a month later. Do you remember the timing on the Bible calendar I brought to your observation that that Parliamentary election had taken place a month later a year ago? It was on this selfsame tenth new moon day a year ago.
     If our society was practically knowledgeable of our Creator's whole council, including His commanded system of calendar to mankind, this tenth new moon day, beginning from this evening (Monday 6th December 2010), would certainly have been the first anniversary since it was our Creator's choice to retain the current administration in national governance for a third consecutive five year term in office, and not as a coalition Government this term. Such a timing for the dissolving of Parliament and the holding of general elections last year 2009, up until this moment, is still speaking loud volumes as never before in the political history of this country has the Parliamentary Opposition been seen to be doing so much nonsense and such immense mockery. It is as if they are, unknowing to them, being quite dissatisfied at our Creator having further demoted their popularity at the poles and in the country House of Parliament.
     May we who are able of seeing through our Creator's eyes and understanding through our Creator's wisdom, be able of seeing and understanding the things that are happening around us.

Happy New Moon Day, Shalom and Yahweh bless from:

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525