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Augustus Paul Andrew

Fourth New Moon Sighted on Sunday evening 13/06/2010

Greetings to each and everyone!
Bro. Mathias Francis and I spotted the 4th new moon of the Bible year last evening Sunday 13th June 2010 at 18:55 with I spotting it first and then he sighting it after in only a matter of seconds at my direction on where I spotted it in the midst of that only but small portion of clouds.
   A short new moon worship service was convened at our place of worship after our sighting.
   The moderator was Deacon Bertrand. Elder Francis led the congregational scripture reading from Psalm 133 followed by a prayer after which a short message which was based on the entirety of Psalm 132 was delivered by Elder Thomas. Offerings in special singing came from Sis. Wayland and Bro. Paul, followed by the closing prayer by Elder Ophar.
   The new moon worship service ended with a closing song and the benediction reading taken from the last verse of Psalm 46.
   Thanks to the sisters with their skill at cooking who made the meal fellowship such a great possibility and was deliciously enjoyed after the new moon worship service by the some 20 of us who were present.

Happy new moon day to each and all,

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica