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Augustus Paul Andrew

11th New Moon Sighted from Dominica

New moon greetings from the "isle of beauty, isle of splendor, isle to all so sweet and fair" (National Anthem), named by Christopher Columbus as Dominica. An island situated in between the Caribbean French islands of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south.

As was expected, so long the clouds made way for a clear enough sighting of the first appearing of the moon, I was able of sighting it this Wednesday evening 5th January 2011 in 24 minutes after sunset at 18:13, at which time, it was already past 37 hours of age.

My search for and sighting of the new moon this evening followed my attending the funeral service and witnessing the burial of a well recognized local pioneer of the Sacred Name Movement here.

Thanks be to Yahweh I was allowed leave from work for the afternoon to attend the funeral service and witness the burial of deceased Elder Joseph Liverpool who was better known to many as Skull.
     His Sacred Name work throughout the length and breath of this island spanned from 1972 until his death this past month of December 2010.
     It was good to see Elder Jones Dennis with whom he started the Sacred Name work along with two sisters back then is back well enough and was able to attend the funeral service and witness the burial of his fellow pioneer of the Sacred Name Movement here. They both did not see their Church of God 7th Day faith and their position as Elders there as something too difficult to part with when the truth of the Sacred Name crossed their path.
       Elder Joseph Liverpool continued serving in the Master's vineyard with Qahal Yahweh from 1981 after he and the brethren whom he lead for about eight years opted for a merger with that body, now the largest Sacred Name Movement on island with gatherings not only at their home town in the north of the capital, but as well in the north of the island and in the east of the capital.
     I remember as a child that he Elder Joseph Liverpool and my deceased father Hilary Paul would have Bible-based discussions and reasoning whenever they met, based on the message my father would at the time have written on a black board he use to walk through the streets of the capital with.
     As many members of my fellowship who were able to attend, were present with Elder Joseph Francis being one of the three Elders chosen to had present a scripture reading each. His was from the book of Job 19 as the last reader.

Our condolences once again to the family, relatives and friends of Sacred Name pioneer and Elder Joseph Liverpool in the face of which, Yahweh's new moon this evening is still a time of new moon happiness before our Creator Yahweh the Elohim of the living and of the dead.

Happy new moon day to each and all,

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525