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Augustus Paul Andrew

It's the 13th New Moon Evening Inspite New Moon Not Seen

New moon greetings to each and everyone of you receiving this posting!

It is another new moon not seen from here in Dominica during a search for it that lasted from sunset/18:14 until 18:52 this Saturday evening 5th March 2011 in spite that the sky was sufficiently clear. It was only about one half hour after sunset a small portion of clouds was seen to have formed directly in between the horizon and the star called Venus which was quite low compare to at the last new moon search 30 evenings ago. But by then, it was already evident that the new moon was no where to be seen.
     This evening is however new moon evening being this Sabbath 5th March 2011 just ended at sunset was the lunar 30th day of the Bible lunar 12th month as no moon carries more than 30 lunar days.
     Beginning as of this evening therefore is not the Bible calendar first month Abib (Aviv) but instead, is what has to be referred to as the lunar 13th month whenever the barley corn/grain in Israel has not yet arrived to the maturing stage by the last week of the Bible lunar 12th month.
     It is with the new moon becoming visible at the time there is barley corn/grain already in the maturing stage in the fields of Israel that our Creator has given by which to determine the beginning of each year.
     This stage at which the barley must be when we are to begin the year with the new moon that appears at that time, which, most evidently, will not be until the next new moon in April, is referred to in the Bible Hebrew language as Abib (Aviv) in Exodus 13:4, 23:15, 34:18 and Deuteronomy 16:1. Abib (Aviv) is the same Hebrew word which is translated as "ear" in Exodus 9 reference the barley.

Two reports reaching me from Israel this past Friday morning 4h March 2011 so far reference the barley goes as follows:

Report 1:
Dear Augustus,
   The Barley is not yet showing ears. Due to the very late rain, there is hardly any barley in Ma'ale Adummim. I expect there to be some Aviv barley by the end of next month (Adar II).

Friday 04th March 2011 09:25 AM

Report 2:
No Aviv in Northern Negev

On Friday March 4, 2011 the barley in the northern Negev was nowhere near Aviv. The northern Negev is one of the main locations the barley is known from previous years to ripen earliest. The barley was mostly in the vegetative state but we also found some barley that had just flowered (cotton-stage). We will look again on Sunday March 6, however, the barley was nowhere near Aviv in that area last week so it is unlikely we will find any Aviv there. We won't know for sure until we look.

Nehemia Gordon,
Jerusalem, Israel
Friday 04th March 2011 11:28 AM

This is thus far as it stands with the present status of the barley in Israel as I write from the above reported searches that has so far been conducted leading up to the ending of this past Bible lunar 12th month (moon). Searching in other areas in that country for barley has been promised to be carried out this week Sunday 06th March 2011.

This Saturday evening's new moon here in the West will most likely not be seen in Israel and the rest of the Middle East not until this coming Sunday evening 06th March 2011.

Until then and a pleasant 13th new moon day to all,

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
Sunday 6th March 2011 Updated Report from Israel on status of the barley: