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Augustus Paul Andrew

Sky Is Totally Overcast; the 2nd New Moon Could Not Be Seen from Dominica

New moon greetings to each and all!

All due to the heavy overcast sky from north to south and east to west this Wednesday evening 04th May 2011, I couldn't have sighted the new moon as I should during my search for it that began from 18:24 sunset.

A light was beginning to show at 18:59 sort of quite high which I found to be quite of a distant north to where the sun set but because of the narrowness of the space between the clouds through which I saw a light was beginning to show, I was not able to confirm it is the new moon I was seeing as, the space through the clouds was being so narrow, I just couldn't see a shape to what appeared to be the new moon lighting.

I can only but conclude that I have not seen the new moon, not being able to see a shape to that light that began to appear through the clouds but was quickly cloud covered up.

Approaching 19:15, I saw the clouds becoming quite black, making it even further yet impossible to ever think I'll again see that bit of light re-appear and to be able of sighting the new moon. So 19:15 was when I close off my search and headed off for the surf cafe to at least be able of using there for half an hour before their 20:00 close down time arrives.

The lunar 30th day of the Bible first month of Abib having ended this past sunset, this evening is sure the new moon beginning of the Bible 2nd month Zif.

The new moon being approximately 38 hours 33 minutes old at 18:24 sunset (-4 GMT/UTC) made it impossible for it not to have been able of being seen had the sky not been overcast.

Happy Thursday 05th May 2011 new-moon-first-day of the Bible lunar 2nd month Zif to all, a Roman calendar dating giving me exactly 12 years of employment steady at where I presently work.

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525