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Augustus Paul Andrew

Sabbath Feast of Trumpets New Moon 2011 Sighted

Greetings Brethren in Yahshua Messiah,
Just a quick report of a Wonderful sighting of the Seventh New Moon over the Benoni Lake South Africa at 6:25pm Sept 28th.2011.
May Yahweh bless and protect His people this Day of Trumpets and as we go through this Sacred Seventh Month. wishing you all well over the Fast on the day of Atonement, and an inspiring Feast of Tabernacles.
For those who are not to sure of the dates we will attach them to this email.
Yahweh's blessings,
Lionel & Sandra Gets
South Africa

Thank you so much dear Elder Gets for your confirmation which we here in Dominica can't give as we are at present going through severe inclement weather resulting from the passage of Tropical Storm Ophelia through the Caribbean. We are predicted to experience this sort of weather through till the mid of next day, the daylight of this holy feast day of trumpets. Posted at are pictures of floodings and damages caused today from the much rain, lightings and thunder storms we're experiencing.
     I was still able to make my way down to town where I normally stand in search for each new moon as the rain for a while abaited but then, it resumed about 25 minutes into my search just after my 24 year old son, his aunt, niece and lady friend joined me there.
     There was never any area of clear sky during my 17:59-18:42 time period of search for this evening's Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new moon to had determine whether it did become visible to us here in Dominica or not. Sunset was at 17:57.
     But then, while still looking at a cloudy/overcast sky in search for it while the shower of rain was falling, a call came in from a locally resident sister informing me of a seen confirmation posted at by a certain local sister now in St. Kitts & Nevis that it was sighted from that neighbouring Caribbean island sometime after 18:00hrs this evening Wednesday 28th September 2011 which is within the North America region including our Caribbean Community (CARICOM). and reports of confirmation recieved from Perth, Australia that it was seen there at 18:38 by five people.
     No confirmation received by our YAIY's as yet at time of or before this posting. Nor any confirmation is incoming from Israel as yet.
Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new-moon-first-day of the Bible 7th month Ethanim best wishes to each and all in celebration to our heavenly father Yahweh through His Son our Savior Yahshua ha'Mashiach,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525