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Augustus Paul Andrew

Majority in Dominica Observed Sabbath Feast of Trumpets New Moon Day on 29/09/2011!

Post Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new-moon-first-day of the Bible 7th month Ethanim greetings to each and everyone of you.

We here on the island of the Commonwealth of Dominica are trusting in Yahweh that it was all well and joyous for everyone of you and your communities during this past holy day of blowing of trumpets and shoutings as it was for us. This inspite of the previous day of immense rain, lightening and thunder storms from Tropical Storm Ophelia resulting in some of our fellow citizens on the West Coast having to experience heavy river floodings of homes, roads, washing away of vehicles into the sea, etc.: There are to date no reports of deaths.
     Some forty of us were nevertheless present for worship for which we are thankful to Yahweh as brethren living on the West Coast were able to travel through the disaster areas on the West Coast to honor Yahweh in thanks to Him for His safe keeping.
     Another act of His we just had to thank him for and had worth noting during our shouting in praise to Yahweh is for brethren living in the Roseau Valley area were determined to be present at worship in spite of the road blockages in that area from the previous day's inclement weather. Their successful travel to service with the transportation assistance from Elder Thomas was much longer than usual as diversions were many due to the road blockages from landslides from the previous day's inclement weather.
     We now look forward to the Sabbath Day of Atonement Fast (NO eating and drinking) from Friday sunset 7th to Saturday (the weekly Sabbath day) sunset 8th October 2011 which will be about the third time since the existence of our fellowship we are experiencing the Sabbath Day of Atonement Fast occurring on a weekly Sabbath here in the West, beginning from about the year 2006 for our first time. The second time was about the year 2009, subject to correction and this year for about the third time. Attending this double Sabbath day (weekly and annual) worship service on an empty stomach (in observance of the annual Sabbath Day of Atonement Fast) takes place at our worship grounds (opposite Operation Youth Quake; near the Dominica Community High School; Savanne Park - close to Louisville; Roseau, Dominica) from about 10:30am till sunset Saturday 8th October 2011.
     At St. Amie's Guest House, ElmsHall, Roseau, Dominica is where we'll be camping in celebration of the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles for seven days from Wednesday sunset 12th through to Wednesday sunset 19th, immediately followed by the Sabbath Eighth Day (Leviticus 23) celebration of the Last Great Day (John 7) from Wednesday sunset 19th to Thursday sunset 20th October 2011.
     Photos of our observance of this past 29/09/2011 Sabbath Feast of Trumpets new moon day worship service would have been posted with a link in this reporting to access them from an album I would have created with them at Facebook but appears to have somehow disappeared as they were in the camera up until the time I let it into the hands of some brethren to have a look at the pics, many of which (the pics) were a bit dark because there was no electricity for most of the day in the community our worship premises is located. The lack of electricity may have been as a result of the previous day's inclement weather.
     I'm much disappointed at the disappearance of those pics if really they're no where in the camera. The pics I took after fellowship meal are all there on the camera except for those I took of the worship service before the fellowship meal. I see no sense in posting those of our fellowship meal and those after, without those of our worship service, my sole reason for needing and now owning a digi camera. What a disappointment if really they can't be found anywhere in the camera. Someone, please help me find them as I'm not yet all that familiar with operating a digi camera.
     A month earlier in observing the Bible seventh month observances beginning from the Tuesday sunset 30th August here in Dominica was by only one third of the Sacred Name groupings on island. This was because the moon acknowledged as the beginning/first month of Abib by that grouping was the March 2011 sighted new moon, at which time, the barley in Israel was not yet in the Abib (green ears of maturing/ripening corn/grain) stage.
     According to the Exodus 9 described stage the barley was at, referred to as, the barley was in the ear, meaning the barley corn/grain was already in the maturing/ripening stage in the green ear by the time the new moon beginning the year became visible in Exodus 12:1-2, the April 2011 sighted new moon was when the barley in Israel (Isaiah 2:3; Micah 4:2) was finally at that stage, one month later than at most times, making this past 29/09/2011 new moon day to had been the correct timing to begin the Bible seventh month and celebrate the Sabbath Feast of Trumpets.
     The beginning of anything, to which there's an ending, must be correct and precise to have a correct and precise ending.

Shabbat (Sabbath) shalom (peace) aleichem (be to you),
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
Friday 30th September 2011
Tuesday 11th October 2011
Please follow this link
 to see pictures to the above Sabbath Feast of Trumpets New Moon Day worship service report.