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Augustus Paul Andrew

Sabbath Day of Atonement Fast Observed on Shabbat 08th October 2011 in Dominica!

Greetings dear friends!

I sure have kept my promise to come to you with a reporting even if is by means of pictures only, on the observance of the Sabbath Day of Atonement Fast in Dominica I attended where I normally fellowship each Sabbath. The Sabbath Day of Atonement Fast this year 2011 occurred on the weekly Shabbat 08th October, about the third time happening this way since the assembly with which I fellowship is in existence. We've noticed this trend, by way of correction, from about the year 2005 for the first time since our existence from about the year 1985, if not earlier.
     Close to forty of us were present at the Sabbath morning Day of Atonement Fast worship service with the adults on an empty stomach from the previous evening/sunset and remained together till sunset. Those going home quarter to mid way into the afternoon were in the minority, in spite of which, there were still over thirty of us remaining together until sunset.
     Thanks be to Yahweh Elohenu (our Strength, Power, Might) for having provided us the sustenance throughout the atonement fast in praise and worship to Him obediently.
     Vomiting by any or immense stomach discomfort as a result of the fast was not witnessed which means we are becoming more and more accustom to the practice of Yahshua's command to us that the bride in those days shall fast after the bridegroom is taken away. Only that, going through this Sabbath Day of Atonement Fast would have been much easier for me had I made room to enter this observance already in a fast from at least the previous day which is what I did even up until last year. But I made it through and I'm still feeling so thankful to Yahweh for that.
     It is free to use/publish any or all of these photos  for your sharing with whomsoever you may so wish via whatever means you might wish to do so with your readers and/or online viewers. This is all for the glory of Yahweh.
     We now look forward to seeing the ushering-in of the Feast of Tabernacles from Wednesday sunset 12th October 2011 already being encamped at St. Amie's Guest House in ElmsHall, Roseau, Dominica as one family, if Yahweh permits. Our camping at that premises takes effect from midday Wednesday 12th October 2011. The rent fee per night there for each individual is EC$556.00 (US$209.00) and to have meals (breakfast and lunch) provided is EC$150.00 (US$57.00) per each single/unmarried individual and EC$250.00 (US$94.00) per family.
     All are welcome to attend our numerous Bible-based activities including worship services throughout this seven days of celebration there followed by the Sabbath Eighth Day - Last Great Day on Thursday 20th October 2011.
     Beginning from the first evening of the feast with a welcoming service to include a banquet on Wednesday evening 12th October, Sabbath morning worship services during this upcoming Feast of Tabernacles and Sabbath Last Great Day will be on the morning of Thursday 13th, Saturday 15th and Thursday 20th October 2011 (from about 10:00am?).
     Please contact the Tabernacles Committee if you're interested in observing this year's Feast of Tabernacles with us, Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly ( Watch your dress code and overall behavior at the feast campsite. Rules and regulations are in place.
     I'm sure looking forward to not having digital camera battery shortcomings during the upcoming Feast of Tabernacles which restricted me to having to use my camera phone during this past Day of Atonement worship service. My hope is that none will object (as a few do) to being photographed into my camera. This is all for the purpose of sharing with the world our obedience to Yahweh, sharing which could in turn cause the repentance and inflowing/adding of souls into the Master's vineyard. My doing these things is only for righteous purposes as can be seen here and elsewhere.

Shalom, Yahweh bless and see you, if Yahweh permits, at our St. Amie's Guest House campsite for Feast of Tabernacles 2011,
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525