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Augustus Paul Andrew

Bible TENTH (10TH) New Moon 2011 is Sighted from DOMINICA!

New Moon greetings to each and everyone.

A wonderful privilege it is to me to again be allowed the opportunity by our Creator to travel from home late afternoon this Sunday 25th December 2011 in search of the new moon this once more beginning from sunset (17:42) and to have been able of sighted it this evening from 17:59 (17 minutes after sunset) until 18:42 (1 hour after sunset) when it was no longer able of being seen.

My photographing of this evening's new moon have been posted and are accessible at:

Did you look out for the new moon and was able to have sighted it with your naked eyes?

A happy and joyous, productive shining new-moon-first-day of the Bible tenth month Tebeth to all!

Augustus Paul
Commonwealth of DOMINICA
(767) 245-8369/316-1525