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Augustus Paul Andrew

23/03/2012 Sighting of the New Moon of Abib From Roseau, Dominica

Thanks be to Yahweh for allowing us through this past year through all the experience we've encountered into seeing the ushering-in of this biblical new year with the sighting of this 23/03/2012 evening new moon with the knowledge that fields of barley maturing-ripening corn/grain has been found at various locations in Israel during the course of this week beginning from Monday 19/03/2012.
     My search for this 23/03/2012 evening new moon of Abib began from 18:17 sunset and was successful at spotting it from 18:44 (27 minutes after sunset) and was later joined by Elder Thomas and his wife who through my assistance in them being able to spot it saw it for themselves at 18:55.
     Also seeing it together with the three of us was a gentle man standing not to far from us and overhearing our deleberation said it look just like a little baby.
     It was located north of where the sun set, tilting a bit to the north and not all that high above the horizon. Actually, it was lower than I'd expected, at the time (18:44) I began seeing it.
     I'm way behind time for this Sabbath and new moon of Abib evening worship service (which started since at 19:00), due to by all means must send you this my new moon of Abib confirmation of having sighted it.
     A pity my camera may have not been able to actually capture this evening new moon of Abib as can be seen at
all due to cloudiness and somewhat overcast sky but was certainly able of being sighted with the naked eyes of those of us who've been able of sighting it, inspite of how fainted it looked.
Shabbat shalom and a happy, joyous and productive biblical new year beginning from this 23/03/2012 evening to all.
Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica