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Augustus Paul Andrew

The Tenth New Moon Sighted

Dear friends, visitors and all recognisers of the Bible calendar.
We are, at time of this posting, into a new month which is the 10th month called Tebeth on the Bible calendar as of Thursday 25th December 2003 by way of the visible appearing of the new moon over the western horizon on Wednesday evening 24th December 2003.
The Bible commands us to look/search for the new moon which I did on the above said evening and was able of sighting it at 6:50pm ECT(-4 GMT).
It took me about a 45 minutes of searching for this 10th new moon from my stand point here in Roseau, Dominica due to much cloudiness over the western horizon and when I sighted it, what I said to myself was that it only had to take some patience to had remain at my stand point all these amount of minutes in anticipation of sighting this 10th new moon and that patience indeed paid off whereby I sighted the new moon. Why, because there are new moons which are visible within only about 15 minutes after sunset on a clear blue sky, under a good weather condition.
I have received reports via E-mail only from America and Israel that this 10th new moon was being visible in those two(2) communities on the same evening I've stated above that I saw it. Thanks to you who are continually communicating your new moon reports on your sighting of the new moons.
Keep on with that good Bible exercise and practise of searching/looking out for each new moon every 29th day from sunset as our Creator has commanded us to do.
29 days time, counting from new moon day 25th December, should set the next search for the new moon to begin Thursday sunset 22nd January 2004 in expectation of sighting the new moon marking the beginning of the 11th month Sebat on the Bible calendar.
Some new moons carry a total of 30 days and so, if the 11th new moon is not visible (on a clear sky) Thursday evening 22nd January 2004, then look out for it the following evening of Friday 23rd.
If sky is overcast, patience as I stated above that I exercised this past 10th new moon, might eventually see you being successful (as I was for this past 10th new moon) in sighting the upcoming new moon of the Bible 11th month in January 2004.
Augustus Paul