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Augustus Paul Andrew

New Moon Sighted; 11th Month Begins!

Greetings Dear Friends and Visitors!
It is with great joy that I announce to you that I have sighted the new moon which became visible yesterday evening(Thursday 22nd January 2004). After a few minutes in wait to sight it, it was 6:20 p.m. ECT(-4 GMT) when I sighted it.
Information has been communicated to me from U.S.A. that the new moon was able of being seen the same yesterday evening in that community.
There was not the possibility of seeing the new moon from Israel on the same evening that we here in the west saw it but was able of seeing it not until this evening(Friday 23rd January 2004), according to information reaching me directly from Israel.
This last evening's new moon of course begins the Bible 11th month Sebat today Friday 23rd January 2004.
The next new moon beginning the Bible 12th month Adar is carded to make its appearing on Saturday evening 21st February 2004.
I wish us all success in being able of sighting this next upcoming new moon on Saturday evening 21st February 2004.
Until then; Shalom,
Augustus Paul