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Augustus Paul Andrew

New Moon Sighted; 5th Month Begins

Shalom to each and all in the name of Yahshua our Savior and Redeemer.
Praises and thanks to Yahweh our heavenly Father for having allowed me the opportunity this once more to have sighted another new moon and that, the new moon beginning  the Bible fifth(5th) month this evening Wednesday 30eth July 2003 at 6:45 p.m. ECT(-4 GMT). This time, my 8 year old son, Alison McPherson Norman, and 5 year old nephew, Frank, were with me and were also able of sighting this fifth(5th) new moon here in Roseau, Commonwealth of DOMINICA, West Indies.
Truly and indeed, only one more new moon after this one and the one after that will be the new moon Sabbath Day Feast of Trumpets beginning the Autumn/Fall festivals occuring in the Bible seventh month Ethanim.
Until then, Keep praising Yahweh always hoping for His mercies and love as we continue to grow in grace and shine with the graceful shining of this fifth new moon of grace on which self same new moon Aaron the brother of Moses(Mosheh) died in the wilderness and indeed, grace was extended to him, dying having been forgiven of his sin.
Augustus Paul
30th July 2003