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Augustus Paul Andrew

New Moon Sighted; 12th Month Begins!

New Moon Greetings to the each and everyone of you my fellow beloved brethren in the Messiah YAHSHUA.
How lovely indeed it is to see yet another new month(moon) of Almighty Yahweh.
I can remember about 7 years ago that the Bible 11th month ended with a weekly Sabbath just as has again happen this time around with this just ended 11th month ending with the weekly Sabbath just hours ago at sunset.
O yes, indeed, we at Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly(YNCA) here in Roseau, Dominica surely had an hour service starting at 6:40 p.m. in praise and worship to our Creator Yahweh after that news reach back on the Assembly grounds that the new moon marking the beginning of the Bible 12th month was sighted.
Quite easy to be seen and the sky being extremely clear, from among us here sighting the new moon upon having made a search is Bro. Peter Royer, Sis. Zena Remie-John and myself at 6:31 p.m.(-4 GMT) here in Roseau, DOMINICA.
The service was indeed quite uplifting and inspiring from the congregational singing and the message entitled "Balance" delivered by Deacon Russell Bertrand who was as well the service moderator.
We are all surely rapidly nearing the Bible first month come the next new moon (in March) if there is the green ears of Barley in the Middle East at the time of the appearing of the March 2004 new moon carded to begin the Bible new year (5765) Sunday evening 21st march 2004.
I am sure we here will be updated with your monitoring on the growing of the Barley in the Middle East during the course of this 12th moon as we all here are eagerly looking forward to the partaking of the Messiah's body and blood yet this once more when Yahweh will have so determine by way of the green ears of Barley which determines the moon in which we are to celebrate the commanded Passover rite as stipulated in the word of Almighty Yahweh immediately followed by the 7 days Feast of Unleavened bread. 
You are invited to do your own searching for this upcoming March 2004 new moon carded to begin the Bible new year and to communicate your search-sighting of this upcoming year-beginning new moon with me--the time and place(locality) from where you've sighted it along with your name and address.
A reporting on the availability of the Barley in the Middle East as this moon progresses is also of utmost importance as it is the new moon becoming visible at the time that the ears/grain/corn of the Barley is GREEN (in the early of Spring) is the new moon Yahweh dictates in His inspired-written word--the Bible--that is to be the first new moon of the year to us(Exodus 9:31; 12:1-2) and that we are to "observe(look/watch for) the month(new moon) of Abib(green ears/grain/corn of Barley), and keep the passover to Yahweh your Elohim..."(Deuteronomy 16:1) "in the fourteenth day at evening [following sunset of the 13th]..."(Leviticus 23).
Shalom and may our spirit and zeal for Yahweh increase with the growing of this 12th new moon.
Until then, IF it is Yahweh's will that we all live to see the appearing of the next new moon carded to begin the Bible new year (5765) come Sunday evening 21st March 2004.
From your Friend,
Augustus Paul(Bro.)
25 Emergency Housing Scheme
Balisier Lane, Bath Estate
(767) 245-8369