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Augustus Paul Andrew

New Moon Beginning the Bible New Year Makes Its Appearing

Sunday evening 21st March 2004 Reporting:
It is with a bit of sad news that I have to report that there was not
the possibility of sighting the new moon this Sunday evening 21st March
2004 due to the sky being so heavily overcast as a result of much rain
that poured down part of the day.

I actually stood for a complete hour from sunset in search of the new
moon and only to find myself seeing the thickness of dark overcast
clouds before my eyes all throughout my search.

Report as pertaining to the status of the Abib's progress up in Israel
either have not as yet been forthcoming from Mr. Nehemiah Gordon of the
Karaite Jewish Movement in Israel. I trust that all is going well with
him and company there at this time in the face of the terrorist attacks
that they have to be putting of with. Our prayers are sure with the
Jewish people.

If the new moon does come out tonight and that any of you will have
sighted it as well the Abib, faint not to communicate your sighting with
us here at YNCA In Dominica.

I can be texted at my mobile(Cellular) #(767) 245-8369. I can also be e-mailed
at my new mobile e-mail address appearing below.

Shalom and success in sighting this all important new moon,

Bro. Augustus Paul
Text: (767)245-8369(mobile)

Monday daylight 22nd March 2004 Reporting:
Shalom and thanks to each and everyone of you who've been individually
submitting your new moon reportings to me up until time of writing that
you have sighted the new moon or have received confirmation that the new
moon has been sighted last evening. Thanks also goes to all new moon
website owners for their reporting at their site of received
confirmation on the sighting of last evening's new moon.
Reports communicated to me so far and including reports published at websites(, and carrying a new moon page, have so far confirmed that the new moon beginning the Bible new year was sighted on Sunday evening 21st March 2004 from various parts in the U.S.A. namely: Arkansas, California, Missouri, Washington, Texas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Arizona, Florida and Georgia.
Also incoming today 22.03.04 are reports from our dear Jewish friend Nehemiah Gordon up there in the holy land of Israel of the Karaite Jewish Movement that the new moon made its appearing there in their part of the world on Monday evening 22nd March 2004 which is that the Bible new year therefore for them begins Tuesday 23rd March 2004 and where they'll begin their count for Passover on the 14th day and the 7-days Feast of Unleavened Bread beginning on the 15th.
Mr. Nehemiah Gordon have also reported to his e-mail recipients including myself that he along with eight others including a U.S. citizen who flew in to Israel for that purpose did an extensive search in Israel for the Barley crops and did find that there is the Barley in the fields and that the ears/grain/corn of the Barley is GREEN thus making it certain that we are right on target in beginning the new year with this new moon.
Their searches for the Barley were carried out on the 21st and 22nd of March in the areas of the Jordan Valley, Northern Negev, Jezreel Valley and the Coastal Region North of Tel Aviv in Israel just prior to their sighting of the year-beginning new moon of Abib.
The Bible clearly states that it is the new moon that makes its appearing at the time that the Barley ears/grain/corn is GREEN is the new moon that is to be to us the beginning month of the year.

A new year therefore, on the Bible calendar, begins today Monday 22nd
March 2004 from last evening(Tuesday night 21st March 2004) when the new moon was sighted in the Americas here in the west. It is one day later in Israel as the beginning of any month is determined by the sighting of the new moon in your locality.

Our new moon celebration last evening here at YNCA In Dominica sure was
not in vain or out of timing. Praise Yahweh!

Sure keep up the good work as anything done for Yahweh is NOT in vain.

Shalom and a happy new year to the each and everyone of you in Yahshua
as we all look forward to the upcoming Passover in 14 days and
Unleavened Bread in 15 days counting from today 22.03.04 as day one of the first month ABIB/Nisan in a new year.

Augustus paul

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