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Augustus Paul Andrew

The Bible 4th Month New Moon Has Been Sighted!

As had happen for the new moon beginning the Bible 3rd month in May 2004, it is the very same reporting that I have for this past new moon beginning the Bible 4th month in that the new moon was not visible to us here in the Commonwealth of Dominica on Friday (Sabbath) evening 18th June 2004.
However, reports have reached me from on the same Friday (Sabbath) evening 18th June 2004 that the new moon was being visible from various locations in the United States of America. and are also reporting of having seen the new moon or of having received confirmation of the sighting of the Bible calendar 4th new moon on Friday (Sabbath) evening 18th June 2004. also received a confirmation from Israel in the Middle East that the new moon was seen there on this same evening.
What a blessing indeed when the new moon is visible from both the East and West on the same evening.
But of course, it does not always happen that way.
But I am sure happy and excited when it does. HALLELUYAH!
Saturday (Sabbath) 19th June 2004 therefore is new moon day and the first day of the Bible 4th month. This moon is not being referred to by a name in the Bible.
The new moon beginning the Bible 5th month for which also a name is not found in the Bible is carded to make its appearing after 30 days on Sunday evening 18th July 2004.
Looking forward to your joining me and my fellow Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly(YNCA) members here in Dominica in searching/looking for this upcoming new moon beginning the Bible 5th month and submitting your reporting on your sighting of the new moon including the locality from where and the time that you saw it.
Truly Yours in Messiah,
Augustus Paul(Mr.)
25 Emergency Housing Scheme
Balisier Lane, Bath Estate
Commonwealth of Dominica
West Indies
(767) 245-8369(mobile)
9th July 2004