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Augustus Paul Andrew

These FROM Everlasting Existences ARE INseperable

An open letter of observation to the Jehovah's Witnesses in light of our Creator's FROM Everlasting Name

Thursday 17th September 1992
Greetings dear friends and co-Bible students!
You've stated in a Bible literature publication of yours called, Let Your name Be Sanctified, on pages 16 and 20, that, " admittedly superior to Jehovah. The wrong spelling Jehovah occurs since about 1100 and then it offers its arguments in favor of Yahweh as the correct and original pronunciation."
This statement of yours reveals two things so far as I can see which is that the wording Jehovah is altogether a wrong spelling occuring as of about the year 1100 and that the correct and original pronunciation of the Creator's Name TRUELY is YAHWEH.
Gathering from as to when you've given that the wrong spelling Jehovah came to have occured, this reveals this wrongly spelled word to be not more than about 900 years old to date of writing.
Since that you're being FULLY aware as to the inaccuracy of this some 900 year old form Jehovah even to the point that you yourself who's claiming this wrongly spelled word form to be the Creator's rightful Name is admitting that it is a WRONG spelling occuring from about only 1100, why then do you yet insist in seeking to reverence the Creator by this word which scholars have even termed as being a hybrid and mongrol name and "against grammatical and historical propriety" instead of by the Name "YAHWEH" which you've correctly seen and openly admitting in your Bible-based publication(s) to be the correct and original pronunciation of the Creator's correct one and ONLY Name?
This your practise is rather a WILLFUL denial of the Creator's Name "YAHWEH" on your part after that you've seen this Name correctly to be His Name and to substitute in its place the WRONG spelling "Jehovah" in your Bible translation(s) and your literature publications.
Just so that we would be aware of the importance of His name and how He would have like us to treat it, our Creator gave specific legislation as He thundered His Ten Commandments to Moses(Mosheh) in the hearing of all the Israelites, that we are not to take His name in vain and that anyone doing so will not go unpunished as spelled out in section three of His Ten Commandments where the prohibition against "taking His name in vain" reads as Yahweh thundered it to Moses in Exodus 20:7:
"You shall not take the name of [Yahweh] your [Elohim] in vain; for [Yahweh] will not hold him guiltless that takes his name in vain."
The sin of denying the Creator's name YAHWEH was a violation of the Ten Commandments that was not being found in the Philadelphia Assembly and so, an opened door of blessing could have been placed before them, having kept His word according to Revelation 3:8 which reads:
"I know your works: behold, I have set before you an open door; and no man can shut: for you have a little strenght, and have kept My word, and have not denied My name."
According to Collins Gem English Dictionary, the word deny means to "declare untrue; contradict, reject, disown; refuse to give; refuse; abstain from."
Taking our Creator's name in vain therefore is punishable by our Creator Himself as denying His name YAHWEH is to declare even His very existence as not being true, to contradict Him, to reject Him, to disown Him, to refuse to give to Him the honor due to Him through reverencing Him by His holy Name and consciously abstaining from doing so. Substituting the wrong spelling "Jehovah" in place of the name Yahweh you firmly agree to be the correct and original pronunciation does come directly under the punishable crime of denying His holy name Yahweh as stipulated in the third section of the Ten Commandments.
The Bible passages of Scripture directly defining the literal punishment for the committing of such crime against the most High are various among which are Jeremiah 10:25, Psalm 79:6 and John 3:18 spelling out judgment on those who do not know Him nor will even call upon His name, far less even to believe in it.
Notice that the Psalmist Asaph and the Prophet Jeremiah invokes of Yahweh to pour out His wrath upon the people that have not called or known His name. Indeed, the name of our Creator Yahweh, is indeed important to Him and so is it to all who have taken hold unto it for salvation from Yahweh's wrath to the point that Asaph in the Psalms and Jeremiah the Prophet out of so much love for our Creator's name, requests Yahweh's judgment upon them who are out of touch with His name.
"Pour out Your wrath upon the heathen that have known You, and upon the kingdoms that have not called upon Your name"(Psalm 79:6).
"Pour out Your fury upon the heathen that know You not, and upon the families that call not on Your name: for they have eaten up Jacob(Ya'achov), and devoured him, and have made his habitation desolate"(Jeremiah 10:25).
Yahweh therefore being in agreement with the Psalmist Asaph and the Prophet Jeremiah's request concerning those who are not calling on His name has consented, affirming through His son that such in fact are ALREADY condemned because that they have NOT believed IN THE NAME of His only begotten son.
John 3:18 quotes this out well from the mouth of our Savior Yahshua as He uttered it from His father's mouth to Nicodemus in these words: 
"He that believes in Him is not condemned: but he that believes not is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of [Yahweh]"(John 3:18). Why? Because, "there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved," says the Apostle Peter in Acts 4:12.
Notice from the mouth of our Savior His given reason why those who do not believe in Him is ALREADY condemned. It is because that they have NOT believed IN THE NAME but have rather denied it, disowned it, rejected and have refused taking it on board their lips in doing which, such are in fact rejecting the actuality of His existence and His creating us human beings while on the other hand, there is no condemnation to the believer in His name.
Not only that there is no condemnation reserved against the believer in His name but that also, according to Malachi 3:16, a book of remembrance was written before Him for those who thought upon His name. This passage of Scripture reads as the Prophet Malachi was inspired to write:
"Then they that feared [Yahweh] spoke often one to another: and [Yahweh] hearkened, and heard it, and a book of remembrance was
One none other reason why you risk your own soul salvation in disowning the name YAHWEH in your literature publications, Bible translation(s) and congregational worship for Jehovah which you yourself have seen to be ERRONEOUS and a wrong spelling and pronunciation of our Creator's name, it is just because that you have rather chosen to please MAN in his error rather than to uphold firmly to what His TRUE name IS even if it is not being a popular name as the erroneous Jehovah is.
(To be continued)