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Augustus Paul Andrew

"Blow Up the Trumpet In the New Moon..."

A counting of the total amount of days that each moon carries will reveal that some moons carry 29 days and some 30 days. The FIRST visual search at attempting to confirm the visible appearing of the NEW MOON, therefore, MUST be made as sun sets the 29th day. New Moons not becoming visible after sunset of the 29th day on a clear sky WILL certainly become visible after sunset of the 30th day.
Watch your calendar and search very carefully over the western horizon for this upcoming September 2004 NEW MOON which begins the Bible 7th month Ethanim(1 Kings 8:2). We look forward to you informing us of your visual search for and success in sighting this all-important upcoming September 2004 NEW MOON, which, on the Bible calendar, irrespective the day on which it becomes visible, is a 24-hour ANNUAL Sabbath "memorial of blowing of trumpets"(Leviticus 23) in praise and worship to our Creator from the evening it becomes visible.
New moon Sabbath day Feast of Trumpets worship service begins 10:30 a.m. at Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly (near the Dominica Community High School) in Savanne Park (close to Louisville) Roseau, DOMINICA and you are invited. 
Call/Text Cellular #: (767) 245-8369