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Augustus Paul Andrew

The 11th Month on the Bible Calendar

Tuesday 11th January 2005
Greetings each and everyone.
May Yahweh our Creator of the universe and of our soul salvation be praised and glorified continually.
Many are the traditions employed in this world in place of the activites that our Creator has commanded us to involve ourselves in. Many know little or nothing at all concerning the activities that our Creator has set in place for us to observe in worship to him including even the purpose of the moon.
How many are aware that each appearing of the new moon is when correctly that a month cycle begins? It is only the few of us who are practically knowledgeable in the Bible and, it is with this practical knowledge that I can report of having seen the new moon beginning the Bible 11th month this Tuesday evening 11th January 2005.
Sighting the 11th new moon along with me this evening at 6:05 p.m. was a fellow sister in the faith of Yahshua along with a co-worker of hers here in Roseau, Dominica.
Living in an area from where the new moon can by no means be seen the evening it becomes visible, this sister was pretty much exuberant over having seen this new moon.
Have you, unlike this sister in the faith of our Savior Yahshua, been able of sighting the moon the first evening of its visibility on a number of occasions but have not been aware that it is our Creator's instrument given us by which to begin each month of the year from the sunset after which the new moon is seen? It is not a Sabbath but the new moon, when that it has become visible to our eyes, is a time when our Creator Yahweh expects a congregational worship service from us in the new moon opening of EACH month(Numbers 28) besides the weekly Sabbath and annual celebrations(Leviticus 23) that He has as well legislated in the Bible for us to observe.
It will no more be only a few who are worshiping before Him from one Sabbath to another and from one new moon to another when the kingdom of heaven will have been established upon this earth as it is now. HALLELUYAH!
Happy new moon day of praise and worship before our Creator to everyone.
The next new moon which will be the beginning of the Bible 12th month, is carded to become visible over the western horizon just shortly after sun sets on Wednesday 9th February 2005.
Your help in confirming to me the date and time of the appearing of the new moon in February 2005 will be of extreme great help which means that you must begin looking out for the next new moon as soon as sun sets on Wednesday 9th February 2005.
Augustus Paul(Mr.)
Roseau, Dominica