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Augustus Paul Andrew

The New Moon Beginning The Bible 12th Month

Friday 11th February 2005
Greetings to each and everyone in this Bible 12th month Adar.
It is just so great how some people can be so helpful to each other in that those who were able of sighting the 12th new moon two nights ago on Wednesday evening 9th here in the West have been so helpful in tendering their confirmation of their sighting.
Thanks to those of you who would have been so helpful if only that the new moon was visible in your area but was not, due to the sky being overcast. Your reporting was that weather conditions didn't allow a naked eye sighting from your end.
Thanks to all who participated in the 12th new moon search this past Wednesday evening 9th February.
The new moon confirmed to have become visible here in the West two nights ago on Wednesday evening 9th February made yesterday Thursday 10th the new moon, first day of the Bible 12th month Adar and is carded to expire in 30 days with the next new moon carded to become visible on Friday (Sabbath) evening 11th March 2005.
Keep up the momentum as this is all being about Yahweh's business.
Augustus Paul

Wednesday evening 9th February 2005
Greetings friends and well wishers in our Savior Yahshua.
    It is indeed being a most gracious opportunity from our Father in heaven where He has allowed us of being on the land of the living to the point of this evening and to be communicating with you via this medium on an evening we are in the expectation of sighting the new moon beginning the Bible 12th month Adar here in the West.
    Here in Roseau, DOMINICA, I was not able of seeing whether or not that the new moon was being visible this evening due to heavy overcast sky in the exact area of the setting sun over the western horizon.
    I kept the search on up until (7:10 p.m.) over an hour after sunset and to no avail. The sun set at 6:07 p.m. this evening and the sky is still overcast even as I post this reporting.
    Your confirmation to me, if the new moon is indeed visible this evening on a clear sky in your area, will indeed be most appreciated.
    Shalom and may Yahweh increase His blessings in your lives more abundantly!
Augustus Paul
25 Emergency Housing Scheme
Balisier Lane, Bath Estate, Roseau
Commonwealth of DOMINICA
West Indies
(767) 245-8369