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Augustus Paul Andrew

New Moon of Abib (Aviv) Sighted

The Beginning of A New Year on the Bible Calendar!

Friday (Sabbath) evening 11th March 2005
Greetings dearly beloved in the name of our Savior Yahshua Ha'Mashiach!
I wish each and everyone of you a joyous Sabbath of delight.
Also on this weekly Sabbath evening is the occasion of the sighting of the new moon which begins a new Bible lunar year (5766, on the Jewish calendar).
This Bible new year therefore begins tomorrow Saturday (Sabbath) 12th March from this Friday (Sabbath) evening 11th March 2005 when this new moon of Abib became visible to all of us over the western horizon.
Sighting the new moon of Abib along with me this evening were a sister in the faith as well as her daughter and also a co-worker of hers.
My sighting was at 18:17, hers at 18:18, her co-worker's at 18:25 and her daughter's at 18:33.
A pleasant Sabbath and a joyous new moon, first day of the Bible new year.
It is the new moon that becomes visible at the time that the grain of the Barley in Israel is young, tender and/or GREEN as winter expires which biblically begins the year CORRECTLY and of course, I, along with all who believe, are of the certainty that this evening's new moon opens a new year on the Bible calendar by way of reports reaching us in the West from Jerusalem, Israel that large fields of barley was found this week Tuesday 8th March 2005. Pictures which were e-mailed along with the barley reporting, I must confirm, are indeed factual.
Not only were there large fields of barley stalks but that the grains/ears on these stalks are GREEN to the full. Else, this evening's new moon could not have been sighted as the beginning new moon (first day) of the year but would have had to be considered a 13th moon Bible leap year if barley GREEN ears were not being found this week in Israel. If this is how it had turned out, the Bible new year would not have begun until the new moon in April.
On the 14th evening beginning to count from tonight Friday 11th March is Yahweh's Passover night when our Savior was betrayed. Yahweh's commanded Passover memorial observance of His Son's death will therefore be observed along with the washing of each others feet on Thursday 24th March at Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly (YNCA) here in Roseau, Dominica beginning at 7:00 p.m. sharp.
Then the following night, on Friday (Sabbath) evening 25th March, begins the 7-days Feast of Unleavened Bread from sunset. The first and last days of this 7-days feast are ANNUAL Sabbath days of rest, praise and worship to our Creator. The first day of this 7-days feast occuring on a weekly Sabbath 26th March makes that day both a weekly and an ANNUAL Sabbath day, a double Sabbath. No leaven shall be found in our houses nor eat any bread, cakes, pastries, biscuits, etc. that's leavened. 
Please take note that UNleavened bread MUST be eaten each and every single one of the 7-days Feast of Unleavened Bread and that a 24-hour day in the Bible begins and ends with sunset.
This 7-days feast, this year 2005, ends with Friday 1st April 2005, an ANNUAL Sabbath Day of rest from work in a holy convocation (worship service gathering) to the Almighty.
See you at Yahweh's Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread celebrations with Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly (YNCA) here in Roseau, Dominica irrespective of where you live.
Augustus Paul
25 Emergency Housing Scheme
Balisier Lane, Bath Estate, Roseau
Commonwealth of DOMINICA
West Indies
(767) 245-8369

Tuesday 8th March 2005
Karaite Korner Newsletter #194

Aviv Found!

On Tuesday March 8, 2005 Aviv was found in Israel at Alon
Junction and Ein Mabua near Jerusalem.  Large quantities of
Aviv barley were found near Ein Mabua and smaller
quantities near Alon Junction.  Ein Mabua is located 15km
east of Jerusalem.  The Aviv examination on March 8, 2005
started out as a field trip to teach Aviv Searchers about what
to look for during the main Aviv Search on Thursday-Friday
March 10-11, 2005.  During this preliminary examination we
immediately found that the barley in the region was in an
advanced stage of ripening.  The main Aviv Search, which
will cover the Northern Negev and Jordan Valley regions,
will still be carried out on March 10-11.  However, the vast
quantities of Aviv Barley already located east of Jerusalem
are enough to establish the coming month as the Month of the
Aviv.  In light of this discovery, the New Moon on Friday
March 11, 2005 will be the beginning of the coming biblical
year.  Chag HaMatzot (Feast of Unleavened Bread) will fall
out on Saturday March 26, 2005 and Shavuot (Feast of
Weeks) will fall out on May 15, 2005.  The following people
participated in the Aviv examination on March 8, 2005:
Nehemia Gordon, Ruthanne Koch, Devorah Gordon, Glen
Cain, Karl Bloodworth, Ferenc Illesy, Avi Marcus, Dina
Marcus, Avi Gold, Terry Fehr, and Yosef Ruach.

Pictures of Aviv Barley fields found on Tuesday March 8,
2005 are posted at:

Happy New Year!

Nehemia Gordon