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Augustus Paul Andrew

Re: Your Behavior Meriting Disfellowship

Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly In Dominica
152 Bath Estate, Roseau
Commonwealth of Dominica
West Indies
(767) 448-8143/245-8962
25th May 2005
Eunice Phillip
Roseau Valley
Comm. of Dominica
Re: Your Behavior Meriting Disfellowship
Dear Sis. Phillip,
It is with our deepest regret that we the undersigned as the functioning members of the Board of Directors must and have to inform you of the decision that has to be decisively taken against you over the behavior and manner such as in which you conducted yourself during the course of a weekly Sabbath worship service you attended on Saturday 21st May 2005 in the YNCA building in Savanne Park, Roseau belonging to this body wherein you, as an immersed/baptized member of this same spiritual body of our Savior Yahshua, carried yourself in an unpleasant and violent manner before the gathered membership while Deacon Russell Bertrand was delivering a sermon entitled, "The Secret of Knowing Yahweh."
During the course of delivering the sermon under the said title, Deacon Bertrand was expounding on the section of the Ten Commandments at Exodus chapter 20 that deals with loving our neighbour as ourselves, at which time, at about 1:05 p.m., as he was admonishing the gathered brethren to love our neighbour as ourselves, that you brought Yahweh's ordained holy Sabbath worship service to an immediate hault when you began screaming out at the top of your voice, "NO.......NO.......NO.......," from where you were seated at the front, after which you then got up and walked forward to the podium which you pushed against the Deacon and then pulled it and tossed it off from the stage down unto the floor as well as the flower pots by the podium, scattering the flowers and the sand that was in those flower pots down to the floor, causing damage to one of the flower pots.
You then disallowed yourself and the seated congregation from hearing anything more that was left in the Deacon's sermon by disconnecting the cord from the microphone through which he was preaching and continued on to even pulling the same cord from the amplifier thus causing damage to the amplifier socket which actually got broken off from the amplifier staying attached to the end of the cord.
Having done that and to ensure that the preaching does not continue, you folded up the microphone cord into your hand refusing to let it go to Bro. Fitzroy Ophar and Bro. Augustus Paul who tried retreiving it from you that Yahweh's commanded Sabbath worship service could have continued but to no avail until after a while, Bro. Augustus Paul eventually was being successful in retreiving it from your hand, not of your own voluntary surrender.
Your outlandish and demonic behavior was such that Bro. Augustus Paul, a member on the Board of Directors in this body, sustained at first a push from you and then after, a jack to the right side of his chest from your right hand (leaving him suffering with pains until now) telling him, "don't touch me," as he calmly tried cooling you down and to get you off from the podium area on the stage.
In the course of your unseeming and violent behavior before the seated congregation including the hurling of harsh words specifically to the Directing Elder (Joseph Francis) of the Assembly who baptized you and also to his family and then as well to the entire congregation, indecent languages, abusive words and even threats was being heard coming from your mouth rather frequently to the membership in the hearing of even the youth and little children who were at the time present; a conduct you maintained for well almost three quarters of an hour inspite of all efforts that were being made by certain of the members to have you cease with the afore mentioned violent, uncriptural acts that you demonstrated so shamelessly, disregarding even the sanctity and the high esteem with which our Creator expects us to uphold and sanctify His holy weekly Sabbath day on which you've behaved so violently, thus causing a disruption of the service and a scattering of the members from their seats as a result of the unsafe environment that you created.
Your disrupting and take over of the service proceedings in the unscriptural, violent way that you did, definitely, was as a result of the words that you heard coming from the pulpit during the sermon that "we must love our neighbour as ourselves" as the Deacon was at the time ministering from the Ten Commandments in Exodus chapter 20 to which you took offence and behaved in the way that you did, putting a complete hault to the preaching and the entire service.
This behavior that you displayed and witnessed by the Assembly, as you are fully aware, is by no means condoned in the Sacred Scriptures and as a result therefore, leaves us in no other position than to follow suit with the Apostle Paul's admonishment that he admonished in his first letter to the Corinthian brethren wherein he says, and we quote:
"What I meant was that you are not to associate with anyone who claims to be a believer, yet indulges in sexual sin or is greedy or worships idols or is ABUSIVE or a drunkard or a swindler, don't even eat with such people," end of quote. (1 Corinthians 5:11, Application Study Bible.)
We the undersigned members on the Board of Directors of Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly In Dominica, do hereby inform you therefore, with a spirit of love and total forgiveness, that we are giving you up until the 6th of June 2005 to write in a letter of sincere apology to the Board of Directors of Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly expressing your regret over the indecent, violent and abusive behavior that you displayed against the Board of Directors and the membership in the house of worship which was totally outside the bounds of Yahweh's law.
It is compulsory therefore that you take note that until such time that our request has been satisfied and within the given period of time, judgement HAS been entered into against you and shall remain in effect that you be and remain DISFELLOWSHIPPED from this body known as Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly In Dominica or YNCA and that until our request has been satified and within the given period of time as stipulated, that you shall at no time at all whatsoever be seen or found on the premises of YNCA or in the midst or around this body at whatsoever time and whithersoever we may be grouped for whatever spiritual or Assembly related purposes that we might be grouped for and engaged in.
We expect your full and total compliance with the judgment that has been entered into against you with IMMEDIATE effect and that you will in every way seek to satisfy the Board's request made of you as our goal simply is to ensure that the place which Yahweh has blessed us with to worship Him, remains a trouble-free environment where one can peaceably worship Yahweh with no fear of their presence being endangered when worshipping with us as a called out people for our Creator's name Yahweh.
It is our sincerest hope that restoring you back into our fellowship is not going to be in the too distant future upon satisfying the Board's request for a letter of apology within the given time period as the coming of our Savior Yahshua draws ever closer and must NOT catch up on us in the position of the five foolish virgins.
Truly Yours, from the Board of Directors,
.......................................                                     .................................................
Elder Joseph Francis                                     Elder Joseph Jno. Baptiste
...............................................                             .................................................
Deacon Russell Bertrand                              Bro. Augustus Paul, Officer