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Augustus Paul Andrew

Friday 8th July 2005 Begins the Bible 5th Month

Greetings to all of you out there who are our creator Yahweh's intimates. Blessings to all!
I have this Thursday evening 7th July 2005 seen the 5th new shining of the moon at 7:52pm ECT. Two minutes after, a brother fellowshipping with a next Sacred Name grouping here who was not too far from where I was standing near the sea (I didn't know he was in the area looking for the new shining) drew to my attention at 7:54pm ECT that he has seen it and showed it to me not knowing that it is two minutes since I'm standing there watching it. I gave him the time that my eyes first fell on it. He is on his way to new moon service where he attends worship even as I write.
Friday 8th July 2005 therefore begins the Bible 5th month from sunset this Thursday evening 7th July 2005 when Yahweh has presented to us the beginning of His fifth month with the new shining of His moon.
The next search for the new moon beginning the Bible 6th month Elul should begin at the sunset-end of the 29th day of this 5th moon (5th August?) counting from new moon day this Friday 8th July 2005 as day 1.
Happy new moon day to all from:
Augustus Paul
25 Emergency Housing Scheme
Balisier Lane, Bath Estate, Roseau
Commonwealth of DOMINICA
West Indies
(767) 245-8369 (mobile e-mail; can only comprise of 160 characters)