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Augustus Paul Andrew

My Trip To Trinidad To Keep Yahweh's Feast

Hello, I am writing this to tell you how I spent the feast in Trinidad and how it was.

My first fright was boarding the plane when we arrived at the Melville Hall Airport situated in Marigot, Dominica. I had never traveled by air before and I was truly frightened. But when the plane took off and we were in the air, I felt as if I wasn't even moving, just sitting down in a room.

The plane landed in St. Lucia for new passengers and to put down those that was going to St. Lucia. Soon after, the plane was back up in the air on the way to Trinidad. I was happy. Finally I thought I'm going to Trinidad. I could hardly contain myself.

At around may be half past six, minutes to seven, we landed on the Piarco International Airport. I was excited. I had never been to Trinidad and I kept on thinking what it would be like. Would those people welcome us, like us? But soon, all my worries were put aside.

We were met by Deacon Locksley Joseph who took us to the place we would be staying, a place called Victory Heights Bible Camp situated on a hill. Amazingly, we were surrounded by nature. It is such a pretty place. I instantly fell in love with the place. We were met by Sister Samuel who many of us grew to love. She was very happy to meet us. Her smile told it all.

After we settled down and explored the place, some of us went straight to bed while others stayed up and talk. The next day which was Saturday 17/09/05, I awoke to the sound of nature and the buzz of conversation. After eating and getting ready, we were on our way to Bagatelle to keep Sabbath at the YNCA building. The brethren there treated us really nice and they had even prepared food for us. After the service had ended, they shared ice cream and cake and we went back to Victory Heights Bible Camp.

Some of the members in Trinidad decorated the stage at the camp. It had a lot of activities such as Penny Concert which was wonderful and the normal activities we always have during Tabernacles. Everything was just wonderful. The dancing of the Exodus was wonderful. If only I had a video camera.

We visited a lot of places, e.g. Emperor Zoo where I saw animals I had never seen before in my entire life; snakes, a tiger, deers, fishes, monkeys and parrots of all different colors. So much animals too numerous to mention.

We visited the Pitch Lake in La Brea, something I had never seen before in my life. Time passed so fast before we knew it. Our time had come and gone. Visiting Trinidad was great but the Feast of Tabernacles was even greater. I had fun. I enjoyed myself greatly.

On Friday 30/09/05, we bid good bye and left Trinidad to go back home. I miss Trinidad greatly and I can't wait to go back. This place has a glow and a hold on me.

Thanks to everyone who made Tabernacles comfortable for us. Thanks to Sister Modest for her tremendous effort.

May Yahweh bless you my grandmother and the YNCA brethren in Trinidad abundantly. HalleluYah!!!

Eleni Gabrielle George (a teenager)

Yahweh's New Covenant Assembly

Commonwealth of Dominica

14th October 2005