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Augustus Paul Andrew

Have You Seen the 12th New Moon? I Did Not

Greetings dear everyone!

I could not have seen the new moon anywhere from sunset at 18:04 until I ended my search at18:33 in spite of a totally clear sky. This is because that it was not yet at least 20 hours old when sunset-18:04 arrived. It was not older than 19 hours and 33 minutes at sunset.

Its 20 hours of age ushered in not until 18:31 arrived, 27 minutes after sunset, by which time, if it was at all to some extent above the horizon, being so low, it would have already dipped below the horizon by the time it became dark enough when it is possible to see a visible new moon.

The sighting of the new moon for the North America region for this evening is predicted as follows from the Truth of Yahweh website:

The New Moon is expected to be seen after sunset in the Continental United States.
Moon elevation above the horizon for most of the United States will be about 9 degrees at sunset.
Moon age for the four U.S. time zones east to west: 21, 22, 23, and 24 hours.
Visibility: Visible if conditions are perfect
Sunset to moonset: approximately 53 minutes.

Outside of the United States:

            Australia – not visible
South Africa – not visible
Jerusalem – not visible
            Honolulu - easily visible
            Midway Island - easily visible

Awaiting your new moon confirmation for this evening Thursday 03rd February 2011.

Shalom and Yahweh bless,

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
Thursday evening 03rd February 2011
Friday 04th February 2011 is Indeed New Moon Day
The new moon was sighted and confirmed from mainland U.S.A. last evening Thursday 03rd February 2011 according to, and ( don't as yet have any confirmations posted when I last visited them and up until the time of this posting.) This made Friday 04th February 2011 the New-Moon-First-Day of the Bible 12th month Adar throughout the North America region including here in the Eastern Caribbean from last evening Thursday sunset 03rd until Friday sunset 04th.
A happy, fruitful and productive Bible 12th month (moon) to everyone.
The March new moon which most times marks the beginning of the Bible first month (moon) referred to as Abib (Aviv) in the Bible, is carded to turn this current Bible year 5771/5846 into a leap year of thirteen moons, IF, the barley in the fields of Israel has not yet arrived to the Abib/Aviv (green ears of maturing corn/grain) stage by the closing/ending of the fourth quarter of this current moon in four weeks times from now. IF it turns out that the maturing of the green ears of barley corn/grain in Israel occurs not until a month later for the April new moon, as predicted, this would mean that the evening memorial observance of our Savior's Passover death and the seven-day celebration of  Chag Ha'Matzot (the Feast of Unleavened Bread) will this year 2011 both be occurring a month later next month April rather than during this Gregorian-Roman month of March. Please see, and for a more detailed explanation.

Shabbat shalom and Yahweh bless,

Augustus Paul
Roseau, Dominica
(767) 245-8369/316-1525
Friday (Sabbath) evening 04th February 2011